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Dermot Farrell Trophy

Dermot Farrell Trophy

Terenure Cricket Club's premier award, The Dermot Farrell Trophy, was presented to the club by our former president Séamus O'Farrell as long ago as 1966. The purpose of the presentation was to provide a memorial to a great friend and his recommendation was that the trophy be awarded annually to a member of the club adjudged to have contributed substantially to the club during the year under review.

The Criteria for judgement was left to the committee of the year and since its inception the trophy has been awarded to different holders for contributions on the field of play, outstanding committee work, the coaching of schoolboys, dedicated application, and good clubmanship.

Dermot Charles Farrell, he was known to a variety of different people by either Christian name, graced many sports in Terenure. Best known as a greens bowler and a soccer goalkeeper, he was also active as a cricketer if never coming close to the heights achieved by his son Paul. He played some rugby and billiards as well.

His greatest quality and what has made him stand out in the folk memory of this club however was the sincerity of his friendship and his unremitting efforts to help the club become the institution that it is today.

His connection with cricket began in the late 1940's with the advent of the 3rd XI. In its early years this team was built around people like Jack Carroll, Jack Ussher, Charlie Daley, Jack Elliot and Dermot Farrell. Séamus O'Farrell was one of its leading bowlers.

The team was renowned for its strong sense of comradeship and to put it simply was a most enjoyable side to play on. Both on the field and after matches Dermot Farrell contributed substantially to the activities of this happy group and during this period the basis for a life-long friendship between himself and Séamus O'Farrell was laid.

On the Good Friday of 1966 Dermot died suddenly, literally after but a few hours illness. His family, his close friends, his many acquaintances and club members of all sections were numbed with shock. He was 44 years of age.

When he recovered from his acute sense of personal loss, Séamus O'Farrell determined to do something to commemorate his friend and elected to present the Dermot Farrell Trophy to the Cricket Club in recognition for outstanding efforts in one way or another within the general context of cricketing activities both on and off the field.

As both the man it commemorates and the donor gave so generously of themselves to this club down the years, it is appropriate that the trophy should be awarded on such broad criteria as each of the men concerned unselfishly and unhesitatingly placed the cause of their club ahead of their own aspirations.

Dermot Farrell's name has lived on in CYM/Terenure in the splendid work and achievements fro and within the club of his two sons, John and Paul and his daughter Denise. His spirit too and that of his friend Séamus O'Farrell live on in the commitment of all those men and women who by their untiring efforts continue to make this club function.